Saturday, 4 July 2009

Update from london

We have been in London a week and I have made it to 33 weeks which we am very happy about!

Arrived in London last Saturday and so far so good. We are really pleased with apartment, it is a 5 min drive to the hospital but is also very handy to Sainsburys and East Dulwich shops and restaurants. There has been a heat wave from we arrived with temperatures in the 30's a few days, seems to be cooling down a bit today though which I am glad about.

We are going to Kings College on Tuesday for another scan and to monitor my fluid levels. I havent been checked from last Thursday so am really keen to hear what they have to say. If my fluid is up they may drain me there and then and if so they may also take the balloon out. Although I would love to be drained as I am in quite a bit of pain now I would rather hold on the 16th as we would be past 34 weeks and I know this is another mile stone with regards to lung development. I guess the decision will be made for me though!

Going a bit stir crazy as I am sore now and cant walk more than a few steps so have been confined to the apartment from Wednesday. Phillip had gone home for a few days for his brothers wedding so I was scared to move incase something happened! Phillips mum and dad are bringing our car over tomorrow which will be really good as we will be able to get out for lunch, go for a drive etc. Mum and Chris have gone into London today to do a bit of shopping, I think this will be good for mum as she has been confined to the house with me!

Will post again after appointment on Tuesday and hopefully not before it!

Kerri x


  1. I saw your blog on another CDH blog and just wanted you to know that I am praying for you all! There was a CDH baby in the hospital the same time as mine who was given a very small chance of surviving and who is home now! Hang in there and know we will be thinking of you all.
    mom to angel Maxton

  2. hello kerri,glad to see that so far so good and you have got to this stage..i know it must be very hard for u being away from heart was broke and i was only in belfast!!!thinking of you and good luck on tuesday..majella xx