Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Balloon is out - 2 days early!!

Well we have had an eventful few days!! I had a routine midwife appointment on Monday to check my blood pressure etc which turned into a trip to the labour ward! As you all know my fluid levels were very high and for the last few days my tummy has been constantly tight. The midwife was not at all happy about this so sent me straight over to Maternity A&E. Having a balloon in means I get VIP treatment so we were sent from there to the labour ward were I was hooked up to a machine to measure for contractions! I knew I was not in labour so was not too worried, I was a bit concerned as to why the midwives and consultants were puzzled over the constant tightness. I was then sent to the fetal clinic for a scan. They were also unhappy and this together with the fact that my cervix had now shortened to 18mm meant I was highly likely to go into early labour so they chose to remove the balloon on Tuesday instead of Thursday.

Balloon Removal

Well I am pleased to report that the procedure itself for the removal of the balloon was not as painful as getting it inserted. The day as a whole was a lot more relaxed as a result of us living nearby. We went to the hospital at 9.30am to give blood, get IV antibiotics and a patch for contractions and we were home again by 10am! I was to go back round at 3pm to get the balloon removed . However, Danielli rang to say they would be ready for me at 1.45pm. This was not the case and we were not taken until 4.30pm! Although it was very uncomfortable waiting around for 3 hours it meant that I was not as nervous by the time we were actually called and I just wanted to get it over with and get home! Things seemed to go our way from this point on. The one thing I was really worried about was having the baby turned as this was extremely painful the last time. However, the baby was lying face up with its lips pouted and the professor was able to get to the trachea. The baby also went to sleep first time which spared me the proking and proding! The professor got the balloon out easily and they then drained 2.5 litres of fluid!! My bump is easily 1/3 of the size it was. I had contractions for a few hours after the procudure which Danielli explained is normal as they have punctured the womb and also drastically reduced it in size by draining the fluid. The contractions have stopped now and apart from being very tender I am feeling much better, it really is a relief to have the fluid drained and I know I will really notice the benefit once the tenderness has passed.

This is the balloon that was in the baby's trachea. I have taken it against a one pence piece to try to show how tiny it is!!

Now all I can do is sit tight and hope that I will last as long as I can. The baby is now weighing 5lb 15oz which is a good thing. I know I am always pushing my luck but I would love to get to Saturday which would make me 35 weeks. Based on what the professionals are saying thought I dont know if this is very likely. The 72 hours after the procedure are critical and the two ladies I know who had the procedure went into labour within a few days. However, we have went against the odds a few times over the last 8 weeks so you never know!

Thank you for all your texts, comments and phone calls, they are very much appreciated and help to break up the monotony of being in the apartment all day. It really is nice to know that people are thinking about us all.

Will keep you updated.........

Kerri and Phillip xoxo


  1. great news kerri delighted all is so far so good...havnt stopped thinking about all of you at this difficult time majellax

  2. I found your blog from another CDH blog. My son, Carter, was born in October 2008 in the U.S. with a severe left side CDH. He's doing well today and I hope his story can give you some hope. We'll be thinking about your family.

  3. Hi Keri,
    Just got back from vacation and really wanted to see how you are getting on. We are thinking about you and your precious little one(noted that it's not Alex :0). You are doing great and your little baby sounds a real fighter. If your water breaks don't listen to the nurses on the ward who will tell you that you can move around. Don't go anywhere, stay in bed as much as you can. I went to the cafe downstairs and the same night Alina came. In any case, your baby is doing great and he or she has a great chance. We are praying for you.
    Big hugs,
    Ingrid, Alex & Alina