Thursday, 25 June 2009

Moving to London

We have finally sorted our move to London, we are flying over this Saturday 27th June. I am very anxious to get over now that I know we are going as I am petrified of going into labour before we make it over.
Mum has very kindly agreed to come with us and stay with us until I have the baby, I really appreciate her doing this as I don't think I could cope without her. I am sure it will be very hard for her to leave my dad behind and relocate to London. We have been very lucky and have got an apartment within a mile of the hospital. It looks lovely but I guess we will have to wait and see.

I was with my consultant today, it was quite emotional as I know the next time I see her will be for my postnatal check up and it will either be a very happy day as I walk in with my pram or a very sad day. I am really trying not to think about it.

The baby is now weighing 4lb 9oz, it really would be a bruiser if I went full term!! My fluid has increased to 33cm so I really don't see that happening, I am hoping I can hold out for another 2-3 weeks.

We are bringing a laptop so I will be able to keep this blog updated from London.


  1. Hey. Thanks for adding me to hear how you are all doing. You two are exceptional for choosing to go through this heartache because of your love for your baby when many a great person would have run from this. May God bless all three Burnsides during this difficult section of your lives. j.w.

  2. hi kerri,hope this finds you well,just try and stay positive you are doing great...your mummy is a star..majella xx

  3. Hey guys!! We hope all has went well with the move today and that its a nice place you found! We are thinking about you sooooo much + we were so glad we got to see you both last Saturday!! You both are such great people who deserve great things! Stay positive you are doing fantastic!! God bless! love Kris,Sarah & Kids xxx

  4. Hi Kerri Philip and Lorraine hope this finds you in good form - you are all doing so very well and wish you all the very best in the days ahead - with much love from caroline stephen craig and ryan xxoo