Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Uneventful Hospital Visit


I am pleased to say that todays appointment was rather uneventful. As none of the consultants from the foetal medicine team were there we were scanned by a sonographer who didn't appear to be very familiar with abnormalities. This became apparant when Phillip and I both realised he was trying to work out the lung to head ratio by measuring the bowel in the chest!!! As a result I do not have much to report other than the fact that the baby appeared happy and although my fluid is slightly increased it is only measuring 20cms, 13cms less than before the balloon removal.

Although they did emphasize that they cannot predict when I will go into labour they did not seem as concerned that it was likely to happen immediatey so fingers crossed I get a bit further!!!!

On a personal note I am feeling so much better. Now the tenderness from the procedure is away I feel almost normal again. I still cannot walk too far but feel more up to getting out and about.

We are back at the hospital next Thursday so I will post an update after that, if not before if ............

Kerri and Phillip x


  1. Thought I'd brighten up your exciting evening with a comment - unfortunately nothing interesting to say!! Baby Burnside is keeping us all on our toes - scared to wear my clothes in case I get the call and have to come over and have no clean clothes!! Chat to you tomorrow, xox

  2. By the way - I can't remove the amp; from our name!! xox

  3. well done kerrie for reaching this far..who knows you might get alot further than you think...i had elec section at 39 weeks although was in hosp for almost 2 weeks beforehand with high b.p....majella x

  4. Hi Kerri,
    Great to hear that the appt was uneventful. Yes, it's funny when you run into someone who has no idea what they should be makes you realise how well trained the FETO guys are. Keeping fingers crossed that your little one will stay put for a while longer. You've done brilliantly so far, well done mummy :0).
    Ingrid, Alex & Alina

  5. Hi Kerri,
    How are your contractions? We are thinking about you and are keeping fingers crossed that everything goes according to plan.

  6. Hi,

    I just came across your blog and wanted to say hi. My name is Chelsea and I live in California. I'm 31 weeks and also had fetal surgery for CDH. I had the balloon inserted a few weeks ago and will have it removed on August 10th. It's just reassuring to know that I'm not the only one out there going through this.