Sunday, 21 June 2009

Check up with consultant - 28th May 2009

Today we went for our first check up. Our consultant could see the balloon was still in place and she thought the lung looked a bit brighter. She also said that the heart position was clearer. She did not comment on whether or not she thought the lung had increased in size and we did not ask. I think at this stage I was afraid of the answer.

When they drained my fluid they drained it down to an AFI of 14cm (Normal levels during pregnancy are 5cm - 20cm). However, today it has increased to 22cm. I am worried about this as anything over 25cm is defined as polyhydromnios and once this is diagnosed it drastically increases chances of early labour. I am worried as this is a big increase in 9 days and if it continues at this level I will need it drained very regularly. On a positive note though it was thought that I may need it drained weekly so at least I have got through the first week.

I have also to go to Roya Maternityl tonight and again tomorrow night to get steriod injections. This is to help the babies lungs mature and is regularly given to those at high risk of premature labour.

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