Sunday, 21 June 2009

Good News from Kings - 18th June 2009

It is so nice to be posting some good news! They calculated the LHR and it has increased to 1.89! We are so delighted, it was so good to be hearing something positive. They are really pleased with the increase and they described this as one of the their better cases. They could also see some lung tissue which is also good news. However, we are aware that all of these measurements are smiply predictors and no-one can tell how the baby will be until birth. Just to know that we are no longer one of the extremely bad cases and that our baby has a decent chance of survival is good enough. We just have to take one day at a time and not worry too much about what is around the corner. For us this is the best possible news we could have received so we will live of it for a few days.

My fluid had increased to 29cm which is high and they are concerned about it. My cervical length was either 26mm or 29mm. This means it is starting to shorten but they said it is not of any concern until it is below 25mm, they decided not to drain. I am even more anxious now about my fluid levels and have to rest. Getting very bored lying on the settee all day every day but know it is for the best.

We also met with the neonatal nurse who was lovely. She talked to us in great detail about how the baby will be managed after birth. What machines they will use and how they determine when to do the operation to put the liver and bowels back into the abdomen. It was so nice to hear someone being positive and discussing our baby as if it will survive. We also toured the NICU, it was quite difficult to see all the babies hooked up to machines. However, Phillip and I have been very aware that our baby will be very sick and we know that if the baby is in NICU and doing ok then that is the best we can hope for.

We rented a car from the airport which was a good idea. As my fluid is increased I find it very difficult to walk any further than a few steps at a time without my stomach contracting. This was really good as Phillip pushed me in a wheelchair right to the car and I was able to be dropped at the hospital door. Much better than trains and tubes! There were a few Little Britian moments with the wheelchair though!

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